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My name is Anthony Hughes (typically go by ashughes) and I work as a quality engineer on Mozilla's DOM team from Mozilla's office in Vancouver, Canada.

I was introduced to open source (and Mozilla) in 2006 by David Humphrey, a professor at Seneca College in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. After volunteering for a few years, I transitioned to being a paid contributor in 2010. Starting out as an add-on reviewer I became involved with QA (quality assurance), testing Firefox features, driving Firefox releases, developing strategies, and running test events for the community. Most recently I lead a QA strategy to ship the first version of Firefox Hello (WebRTC based calling in the browser).

I currently spend most of my time developing test strategies for the DOM team and finding new ways of bringing volunteers into the fold. When I'm not trying to make Firefox better, I'm usually hiking up some mountain or just traveling somewhere new, always with my camera in tow.

Contact Info

My Bugs

ID Summary Priority Status
373371 Findbar highlighting shows background-image -- VERIFIED
380817 Remember my last test run after submitting a test P4 RESOLVED
381792 Caret leaves artifacts on a form -- VERIFIED
382531 Incorrect release notes page displayed -- RESOLVED
382859 Youtube videos using Digg's embed feature choppy on Fedora 7 -- VERIFIED
382879 Duplicate entry in Help Contents for "tabbed browsing" -- VERIFIED
382893 Purple "I" separator that appears on bookmark toolbar is ugly P2 VERIFIED
382903 Java console doesnt exit on tab exit, only browser exit -- RESOLVED
382906 Java applet causes location bar to be unresponsive -- RESOLVED
383374 tar.bz2 files cannot be open from within browser to default program -- NEW
383646 Cannot put focus on drop down list while autocomplete list displayed -- RESOLVED
383784 Download manager keyboard shortcut does not work while focus is on a textbox -- VERIFIED
383810 Drop down menu hidden behind embed flash -- RESOLVED
386130 Software Update in perpetual pause state -- RESOLVED
386387 ifilm videos do not play, only audio plays -- VERIFIED
386599 Recursive <object> with border hangs Firefox -- RESOLVED
386641 Two-column layout problem involving floating divs and margins -- RESOLVED
387135 Changing character encoding generates firefox menu artifact until click event -- VERIFIED
387192 Litmus misreporting percentages -- RESOLVED
388328 Keyboard navigation keys do not work in rich-textbox (javascript) -- RESOLVED
389009 Password Manager remembering passwords for black listed sites for which a password is already saved -- RESOLVED
389020 AJAX control scrolling is very choppy -- RESOLVED
389976 Talkback is disabled after default install (WinXP) -- RESOLVED
390826 Mac testcase shows up in Windows XP tests -- RESOLVED
390838 "Get Extensions/Themes" link does not bring new window to front -- VERIFIED
390859 AJAX site does not work properly, works in IE -- RESOLVED
390865 Unknown protocol type set to always open in firefox.exe causes loop -- REOPENED
390871 Litmus results text misaligned to radio button in test cases -- RESOLVED
390891 Embedded WMV content does not display -- RESOLVED
391400 Help menu border is missing -- RESOLVED
392147 TB 15013rc1: XML parsing error when start page set to about: -- RESOLVED
392249 Merge bugzilla accounts -- RESOLVED
392647 Clicking on textbox in dialog flash focus to checkboxes -- VERIFIED
394081 Java applets cause crash every time -- RESOLVED
394330 Artifact to the right of the "go" triangle -- VERIFIED
395425 Addons Manager "Get" links do not open AMO in a new tab immediately on click -- VERIFIED
395430 AdBlock Plus gets installed but is marked as incompatible after restart -- VERIFIED
396899 Nightly update generation is slow -- RESOLVED
400071 Edit menu unresponsive until second click -- RESOLVED
402165 Update Blog Feed: ashughes -- RESOLVED
407257 GMail "older version" quick-contacts area overlaps inbox area in main pane -- RESOLVED
408410 With 2 Firefox installs in different folders, only one can be removed safely -- RESOLVED
408421 Firefox Bookmark toolbar items overwritten by IE6 items on migration P4 RESOLVED
408425 Firefox does not import IE6 passwords -- RESOLVED
408427 Missing Testcases: FF3>FFT>Help P3 RESOLVED
411947 Download Manager UI not accessed with the nsIDownloadManagerUI everwhere P1 VERIFIED
412156 Song Info Tooltip hides behind website play controls -- VERIFIED
412987 Drag-n-Drop favicon to minimized library does not pop up window -- RESOLVED
415121 Cannot run Firefox via remote desktop if another instance exists in a different connection -- RESOLVED
431565 AVG 8 installs add-on against user will -- RESOLVED
432227 Update steps for manual install of JRE on Linux -- VERIFIED
433294 Update Blog Feed: ashughes -- VERIFIED
441856 Tabs do not dynamically resize to fit tab bar immediately -- NEW
445207 WMP Ajax Player is not loading -- NEW
455517 Package FUEL with Fennec -- VERIFIED
455520 [n810] No easy way to install Fennec 1.0x -- VERIFIED
468743 Crash on exit [@ -] -- RESOLVED
486014 GMail storage counter flickers with each update -- VERIFIED
491927 Mozmill test for navigating to a URL using the location bar -- VERIFIED
491979 Need to click GO button twice when awesomebar autocomplete options visible -- RESOLVED
493083 Mozmill test for verifying pop-ups are blocked -- VERIFIED
493084 Mozmill test for verifying pop-ups are allowed -- VERIFIED
493671 Mozmill ignores prefs, does not reflect manual behaviour P1 RESOLVED
494435 [preview] Recommended Add-ons shows 1, others show 5 -- VERIFIED
494441 [preview] Browse Add-ons should remember state on BACK P5 RESOLVED
494442 [preview] Add-on screenshot browser scrolling is not intuitive -- VERIFIED
494444 [preview] Sub-pages do not reflect the new style -- VERIFIED
494450 [preview] Ignore Version Check for all -- RESOLVED
494455 Incomplete collections with <3 add-ons should not be shown -- RESOLVED
494464 [preview] Add-on counter should be better aligned P3 VERIFIED
494501 Add a field for Litmus test cases -- RESOLVED
495125 Update blog feed on planet for -- RESOLVED
495272 Suggest moving comment captcha from login to comment form -- VERIFIED
496597 [3.5Beta99testday][Linux] Firefox 3.5b99 cannot browse -- RESOLVED
496637 I cannot vet a particular result P1 VERIFIED
497482 [Mac] browser.sessionstore.resume_session_once not being set when user chooses "Save and Quit" on reboot / restart -- VERIFIED
497484 Linux does not prompt to Save & Quit when OS restarted -- VERIFIED
497658 Session store should save/restore HTTPS sessionStorage data (from DOMStorage) -- RESOLVED
497715 Latest Headlines CTRL+Click overlaps Open Multiple Tabs dialog, behaves different on all platforms -- NEW
497723 [Mac] Alltabs dropdown lacks scroll arrows -- VERIFIED
497730 Restore session from crash while loading multiple tabs opens multiple about:blanks -- RESOLVED
497752 Session Store should remember search prefs -- RESOLVED
497986 [Linux] Clear Recent History dialog moves when toggling Details pane -- NEW
498030 Colour of first letter of a visited link is off compared to other letters -- RESOLVED
498745 WMP Plugin remains cropped on 3.5 RC builds -- VERIFIED
499220 [Linux] Applet News Scroller displays overlapping text when changing direction -- NEW
500061 Many of the page creation options are not working -- VERIFIED
500095 Mozmill test for Find Bar functionality -- VERIFIED
500766 silent crash when loading gmail -- VERIFIED
500799 about:firstrun has whitespace in the background -- VERIFIED
500805 looks like crap -- VERIFIED
500818 Suggest swapping Create Bookmark button and Manage Bookmarks button -- VERIFIED
500848 findbar overlaps sidebars -- VERIFIED
500855 Double clicking Delete Profile in Profile Manager prompts to delete profile twice, wipes profiles.ini -- NEW
503506 Enabling FIPS should offer creating of master password -- RESOLVED
503584 Need to find an EVCert site whose identifier truncates in Larry on all platforms -- RESOLVED
504178 [mozmill] Test default security preferences -- RESOLVED
504497 [mozmill] Enhance checks for unsecure connection error page -- NEW
504635 [shared module] Need a helper function to extract entities from DTD files -- VERIFIED
505605 on identity button works only in shell -- VERIFIED
505609 [mozmill] Test for checking the Unknown Issuer error page appears -- RESOLVED
505611 [mozmill] Improve level of testing for testSecurityNotification.js -- RESOLVED
505616 [mozmill] Test for basic Larry functionality -- RESOLVED
506098 Secure Connection Failed error page only displays in release builds -- RESOLVED
506100 [mozmill] Test to check error page when SSL disabled -- RESOLVED
506127 not propagating to google group via zimbra -- VERIFIED
506325 [mozmill] Test for the Page Info Security tab via the status bar padlock -- RESOLVED
506380 Need an assertNotChecked method -- VERIFIED
507048 Hard to highlight RTL-LTR combination text -- NEW
507057 https sites don't autocomplete with "https" -- RESOLVED
507065 Autocomplete suggestions cannot be disabled -- RESOLVED
507264 Tag in Awesomebar should not be cut off -- RESOLVED
507654 Update all controller.assert methods with a template fail message -- RESOLVED
508619 Mozmill test for checking trusted addon sites do not warn -- NEW
508669 [mozmill] Test for checking the warning when viewing an encrypted page -- RESOLVED
508670 [mozmill] Test for checking the warning when submitting unencrypted info -- RESOLVED
508691 Cannot acted upon security warning modal dialog -- VERIFIED
511181 [mozmill] Test that the Larry UI opens and closes -- RESOLVED
511208 [mozmill] Test for verifying GREEN Larry -- RESOLVED
511314 [mozmill] Test for verifying BLUE Larry -- RESOLVED
511318 [mozmill] Test for verifying GREY Larry -- RESOLVED
511958 Text renders with odd spacing on the N810 -- VERIFIED
512255 Trusted add-on sites don't always appear trusted -- NEW
515373 Typing in search box before page has completely loaded causes overlapping text -- VERIFIED
517450 OpenID link overlaps login control P2 RESOLVED
524827 [mozmill] Test script for Download Dialog While Downloading A File test -- RESOLVED
524830 [mozmill] Test script for Close Downloads Dialog test case -- RESOLVED
524834 Mozmill test for Handling Various File Type Downloads -- RESOLVED
524835 Mozmill test for Download Complete Notification -- RESOLVED
524839 [mozmill] Test script for Open Downloads Dialog test case -- VERIFIED
524848 Mozmill test for Open Completed Download -- RESOLVED
524856 [mozmill] Test script for Retry Canceled Download test case -- RESOLVED
524859 [mozmill] Enhance test script for Pause Active Download test case -- RESOLVED
524860 [mozmill] Test script for Cancel Active Download test case -- RESOLVED
525060 Need a way to access system-level dialogs -- RESOLVED
525061 Mozmill test for Save Page As Webpage Complete -- RESOLVED
525450 Mozmill test for Download a PDF -- RESOLVED
525451 Mozmill test for Externally Handled Content -- RESOLVED
525452 Mozmill test for Open a File -- RESOLVED
525457 Mozmill test for Open Firefox with URL Shortcuts -- RESOLVED
525462 Mozmill test for Start up Firefox -- RESOLVED
525496 Mozmill test for Standard Installation -- RESOLVED
527516 [win7] Aero Peek "Firefox" submenu item opens version of primary instance -- NEW
531211 Sometimes keypress events with altKey and ctrlKey aren't properly sent when using in combination with F4 -- RESOLVED
531480 [mozmill] Test script for Close Download Dialog FFT -- NEW
534201 Location bar loses border on HTTPS sites -- RESOLVED
534206 Search sidebar does not display multimedia results properly -- NEW
534211 NEXT button in search sidebar not enabled at first -- NEW
534214 Print and Print Preview have different "no printer" dialogs -- NEW
536225 [shared module] Need a way to cancel all active downloads (DownloadsAPI) -- RESOLVED
536278 [shared module] Extend DownloadsAPI to give access to downloads, their buttons, and states -- RESOLVED
536281 [mozmill] Test script for Resume Paused Download FFT -- RESOLVED
538265 Site Identity notification does not disappear when clicking More Information button -- RESOLVED
539234 create verified1.9.3 keyword -- VERIFIED
542244 [mozmill] Test script for "Untrusted Connection page 'Get me out of here' button" test case -- RESOLVED
542246 [mozmill] Test script for "SSL domain display in status bar" test case -- RESOLVED
543610 Add-on Update preempted by FIPS password dialog -- RESOLVED
544327 [mozmill] Create a Mozmill script for "[sessionstore] Normal exit without saving session" test case -- RESOLVED
544331 [mozmill] Create a test script for "Restore all tabs" test case -- RESOLVED
544334 [mozmill] Create a test script for "Restore all windows" test case -- RESOLVED
544502 Artifact to the right of star when rating an addon -- RESOLVED
544521 Clicking on missing screenshot results in overlay image loading forever -- RESOLVED
544529 Select Collection dropdown box disappears when selecting image preview -- RESOLVED
544946 [mozmill] Create a Mozmill script for Restore Session After Abnormal Exit testcase -- RESOLVED
544965 [mozmill] Create a Mozmill script for "Save your tabs for next time" testcase -- RESOLVED
544967 Create a Mozmill script for "Save your tabs for next time (Cancel)" test case -- RESOLVED
544971 [mozmill] Create a Mozmill script for "Save your tabs for next time (Quit)" test case P3 RESOLVED
544975 [mozmill] Create a Mozmill script for "Start new session after abnormal exit" test case -- RESOLVED
544980 [mozmill] Create a Mozmill script for "Undo Close Window" test case -- NEW
544985 [mozmill] Create a Mozmill script for "Undo Tab Closure from context menu" test case -- RESOLVED
545021 [shared module] Create helper functions for Session Store (SessionStoreAPI) -- VERIFIED
545025 [mozmill] Create a Mozmill script for "Undo Tab Closure from History menu" test case -- RESOLVED
545026 [mozmill] Create a Mozmill script for "Save and Quit default when closing browser with multiple tabs" test case -- RESOLVED
545220 Preferences dialog cut-off, can't be resized -- RESOLVED
549510 Can't register plugins with "Developer Preview" -- RESOLVED
550212 [shared module] Add a method to do a complete cleanup of the download manager (DownloadsAPI) -- RESOLVED
552095 [mozmill] Need to merge testPopupBlocked.js and testPopupAllowed.js -- RESOLVED
552846 Any mouse click should happen on the center of an element by default -- VERIFIED
554846 [mozmill] Common test module for Pause, Resume, Cancel, Retry a download -- RESOLVED
556074 Flash hangs Grooveshark but is never killed, no effect on browser performance -- RESOLVED
556629 Add a method to wait for the Download Complete notification (DownloadsAPI) -- RESOLVED
557594 Cancel Page Setup reloads print preview -- NEW
558841 Tab Matches does not work after Clear Recent History -- RESOLVED
558844 Tab Matches does not match multiple results from the same domain -- RESOLVED
559881 [mozmill] Failure in testUntrustedConnectionErrorPage.js due to unexpected redirect -- RESOLVED
562264 [mozmill] warningSettingsButton timeout failures due to removal from Prefs dialog in Minefield -- RESOLVED
564036 [mozmill] Failure in update tests due to older timestamp on updated build during Major Update -- RESOLVED
565148 Add a helper method to UtilsAPI to get the default homepage -- RESOLVED
566642 [mozmill] Always unmount DMG files after failures during copying the application -- RESOLVED
566699 Binary path failure in update scripts -- RESOLVED
567271 After leaving Private Browsing mode favicons of some open tabs don't get restored -- RESOLVED
571383 Facebook chat doesn't load -- VERIFIED
571389 [HTML5] <basefont> breaks out of <head> (on P2 VERIFIED
572503 [mozmill] Timeout failure in testSafeBrowsingNotificationBar.js -- RESOLVED
572786 [mozmill] testRestoreHomeToDefault fails to validate browserHomePage URL -- RESOLVED
573587 [mozmill] Assertion failure in testSuggestHistoryBookmarks.js -- RESOLVED
573618 Timeout 'waitForEval('subject.isOpened == true')' in testSuggestHistoryBookmarks.js -- RESOLVED
577160 Undo Close not discoverable in the new UI -- RESOLVED
579942 QMO needs forum functionality -- NEW
579965 Convert Mozmill tests to use local test-data (Part I) -- RESOLVED
582304 [mozmill] Create a local login test page -- RESOLVED
582305 [mozmill] Create a local form test page -- RESOLVED
582308 [mozmill] Create a local popup test page -- RESOLVED
582310 Create a local suite of 8 unique web pages -- RESOLVED
582402 Commit Access (Level 2) for Anthony Hughes -- RESOLVED
582652 Request to change SSH key for Anthony Hughes -- RESOLVED
585127 App Tabs restore overlapping normal tab -- RESOLVED
585143 App Tabs should restore to original position when becoming a Normal tab -- RESOLVED
585720 Make Mozmill-test testMasterPassword local -- RESOLVED
585722 Make Mozmill-test popups_2.html local -- RESOLVED
585723 Make Mozmill-test testAccessLocationBar local -- RESOLVED
585724 Make Mozmill-test testCheckItemHighlight local -- RESOLVED
585727 Make Mozmill-test testEscapeAutocomplete local -- RESOLVED
585728 Make Mozmill-test testFaviconInAutocomplete local -- RESOLVED
585729 Make Mozmill-test testGoButton local -- RESOLVED
585730 Make Mozmill-test testSuggestHistoryBookmarks local -- RESOLVED
585731 Make Mozmill-test testVisibleItemsMax local -- RESOLVED
585732 Make Mozmill-test testAddBookmarkToMenu local -- RESOLVED
585733 Make Mozmill-test testDisableCookies local -- RESOLVED
585756 Make Mozmill-test testEnableCookies local -- RESOLVED
585757 Make Mozmill-test testRemoveCookie.js local -- RESOLVED
585760 Make Mozmill-test testFindInPage local -- RESOLVED
585762 Make Mozmill-test testBasicFormCompletion local -- RESOLVED
585764 Make Mozmill-test testClearFormHistory local -- RESOLVED
585766 Make Mozmill-test testDisableFormManager local -- RESOLVED
585769 Make Mozmill-test testBackForwardButtons local -- RESOLVED
585770 Make Mozmill-test testPasswordNotSaved local -- RESOLVED
585772 Make Mozmill-test testPasswordSavedAndDeleted local -- RESOLVED
585773 Make Mozmill-test testRestoreHomepageToDefault local -- RESOLVED
585775 Make Mozmill-test testSetToCurrentPage local -- RESOLVED
585778 Make Mozmill-test testCloseWindow local -- RESOLVED
585779 Make Mozmill-test testDisabledPermissions local -- RESOLVED
585781 Make Mozmill-test testStartStopPBMode local -- RESOLVED
585782 Make Mozmill-test testTabRestoration local -- RESOLVED
585784 Make Mozmill-test testTabsDismissedOnStop local -- RESOLVED
585788 Make Mozmill-test testOpenSearchAutodiscovery local -- RESOLVED
585789 Make Mozmill-test testSearchSelection local -- RESOLVED
585790 Make Mozmill-test testNewTab local -- RESOLVED
585792 Make Mozmill-test testAccessPageInfoDialog local -- RESOLVED
585822 Session Restore does not resume download -- NEW
585827 Restore read-only location bar test-case invalid -- RESOLVED
587083 Support drag&drop of one group into another -- RESOLVED
587086 Support manual arrangement of tabs within a group -- RESOLVED
587092 Fix display issues of tabs in the expando tray P3 RESOLVED
589003 Mozmill calls sys.exit() if test failures occur - restart-test run doesn't get executed -- RESOLVED
589272 Improve language of "Start New Session" string in about:sessionrestore -- VERIFIED
589324 Switch-to-Tab after Session Restore does not respect Tab Candy grouping P2 RESOLVED
589465 Add click-down gesture for quickly switching to other tab groups -- RESOLVED
589876 Switch-to-Tab fails to appear for tabs dragged to their own window -- VERIFIED
592065 Major artifacting occurring, unknown cause -- RESOLVED
594891 Make sure autocomplete is closed before leaving testFaviconInAutocomplete -- RESOLVED
596682 Report logs for 3.6 and onward do not report fallback -- RESOLVED
599142 Split testClearFormHistory.js into two modules -- RESOLVED
599148 Split testPasswordNotSaved.js into two modules -- RESOLVED
599502 Use of sleep() causes random failures/hangs in testMasterPassword -- VERIFIED
601145 Mac64 builds from today won't start when using profile manager -- VERIFIED
604409 Mute/Unmute is delayed for Ogg Video -- RESOLVED
604410 Pause button should change to Play button at EOV -- VERIFIED
604700 Refactor tests to reflect the style guidelines and API changes -- RESOLVED
604703 Refactor tests for general formatting guidelines -- RESOLVED
604707 Tracking bug for Local Data project -- RESOLVED
604708 Tracking bug for Local Data project Phase II -- RESOLVED
604716 Tracking bug for Phase III of the Local Data project -- RESOLVED
604718 Tracking bug for Branch Failure project -- RESOLVED
604732 Merge TabViewAPI PoC with mozmill-tests repository -- RESOLVED
607198 Update tests to use CommonJS [group 4] -- RESOLVED
609058 Timeout waiting for installed extension in testExtensionInstallGetAddons/test1.js -- RESOLVED
609060 'addonsManager.controller is undefined' in testExtensionInstallGetAddons/test2.js -- RESOLVED
609061 Assertion failure in testVisibleItemsMax -- RESOLVED
609062 Timeout failure in testAccessLocationBarHistory -- RESOLVED
609064 Element failure in testStopPrivateBrowsingMode -- RESOLVED
609067 Assertion failure in testSearchSelectionViaContextMenu -- RESOLVED
609071 Element failure in testPasswordNotificationBar -- RESOLVED
609073 Timeout failure in testGoogleSuggestedTerms -- RESOLVED
609077 Timeout exceeded for 'subject.popup.state == 'open'' in testSearchSuggestions.js -- RESOLVED
610757 Need a waitForElementNotPresent() in controller module -- VERIFIED
610797 Need ability to disable add-on compatibility check in Mozmill -- RESOLVED
610802 Include list of disabled add-ons for update tests in reports -- RESOLVED
610849 Need a waitForNotificationBar() function in tabBrowserAPI -- RESOLVED
611386 All tests should be within the domain if not local -- RESOLVED
611516 Make mozmill test-pages which can't be local yet at least within the * domain -- RESOLVED
614973 Expression is NULL failure in testPasswordNotSaved -- VERIFIED
616626 Events created on QMO do not appear under events -- RESOLVED
617602 http-auth dialog should block Session Store -- NEW
617998 Removal of bugzilla account: -- RESOLVED
618530 Update planet feed for Anthony Hughes -- VERIFIED
619377 Litmus tutorial link redirects to 404 page -- RESOLVED
620163 Tab-bar button backgrounds lose theming when opening a new window -- RESOLVED
623744 Add filtering via date fields to all list views -- RESOLVED
623962 Timeout exceeded for 'subject.manager.getDownloadState( == subject.state' in testDownloadStates.js -- VERIFIED
623992 Linux test-runs run out of order -- RESOLVED
624055 does not work with hotfix-1.5.2 -- RESOLVED
625219 Connection to Mozilla-MV sluggish -- RESOLVED
625254 HTTPS framesets do not display error page -- NEW
625257 Undo Close Tab does not work for not-yet-loaded tab -- VERIFIED
625265 Blank tabs not restored when opening Firefox from external link -- NEW
625415 Position is lost after a few seconds -- VERIFIED
625826 Update failures due to wizard pages not set correctly for direct and fallback updates -- RESOLVED
626674 Page Info dialog is not closed after testAccessPageInfoDialog.js -- VERIFIED
626815 Firefox 4b6 and 3.7a5 (old style universal builds) don't update directly to b9 -- RESOLVED
627595 Incompatible Add-on Check dialog breaks Mozmill update checks -- RESOLVED
627598 Some old-style universal releases on the 4.0-line appear to be stranded -- VERIFIED
628030 Keep track of Preferences dialog state in global variable -- RESOLVED
628072 ja-JP-mac builds update to 4.0b9 instead of 4.0b10 -- VERIFIED
628576 Need a better way to handle window.close() -- RESOLVED
629050 Tracking bug for Panorama BFT suite -- RESOLVED
629063 Mozmill test for litmus smoketest: Panorama opens and initial group is viewable -- RESOLVED
629068 Mozmill test for Panorama tabgroup creation -- RESOLVED
629070 Mozmill test for Panorama tabgroup naming -- RESOLVED
629073 Mozmill test for Panorama tabgroup resizing -- RESOLVED
629076 Mozmill test for Panorama moving tabgroups around -- RESOLVED
629080 Mozmill test for Panorama closing tab groups -- RESOLVED
629082 Mozmill test for Panorama saved tab order changes -- RESOLVED
629084 Mozmill test for Panorama (un)pinning App tabs -- RESOLVED
629087 Mozmill test for Panorama undo close group -- RESOLVED
629091 Mozmill test for Panorama undo close tab -- RESOLVED
629096 Mozmill test for Panorama toggling group view -- RESOLVED
629097 Mozmill test for Panorama shows Firefox menu button in tab view -- RESOLVED
629098 Mozmill test for Panorama shows group count in Group Your Tabs button -- RESOLVED
629099 Mozmill test for Panorama moving tab to another group -- RESOLVED
629102 Mozmill test for Panorama shows group name in browser window -- RESOLVED
629103 Mozmill test for Panorama App tab favicons update -- RESOLVED
629106 Mozmill test for Panorama search tabs from other windows -- RESOLVED
629165 Need a better way to detect droppable space in Panorama (boxObject) -- RESOLVED
630258 Huge spike in testrun failures. -- RESOLVED
630388 Major udpates from 3.6 -> 4.0 do not work because of missing update menu item -- VERIFIED
630922 Report Mozmill version in testrun results -- RESOLVED
631246 Save File button on Download Unknown Filetype dialog fails in testDownloadStates.js P2 RESOLVED
631304 Unknown content type dialog sometimes show simple ui even it states to show the normal ui -- ASSIGNED
631594 Events are marked as PASSED based on the start time -- NEW
632648 Mozmill test for Panorama working with stacks of thumbnails -- RESOLVED
634094 Incorrect feed URL for -- RESOLVED
635305 Mozmill Endurance test for tab switching in Panorama -- VERIFIED
635308 Mozmill Endurance test for stacked tabs in Panorama -- RESOLVED
635310 Mozmill Endurance test for flash video performance -- RESOLVED
635419 page-proxy-favicon failure in testBlueLarry.js -- RESOLVED
635421 Failure in testSubmitUnencryptedInfoWarning.js due to missing searchbox -- RESOLVED
635425 Request for an API to access test files and paged -- RESOLVED
635447 unable to access -- RESOLVED
636080 Mozmill Endurance test for launching new tabs in main window -- VERIFIED
636191 Mozmill Endurance test for launching new tabs from Panorama -- VERIFIED
636651 Update TabViewAPI to reflect change of tabView launcher UI -- RESOLVED
636817 Video only plays on mouseOver -- VERIFIED
636911 Failure in testSafeBrowsingNotificationBar.js -- RESOLVED
638270 TabView.getGroups() fails for active group -- RESOLVED
639703 arstechnica appears 5 times in history after scrolling -- RESOLVED
640062 Panorama tabs-from-other-windows button displays &nbsp; P4 VERIFIED
640065 "Tabs from other windows" text disappears with background window P4 RESOLVED
640737 DailyMotion HTML5 does not play -- RESOLVED
640765 App tab order not maintained in Tab Groups view -- VERIFIED
641574 Panorama tests require tabview.reset() in teardownModule -- RESOLVED
642220 Fallback update fails on Windows Vista -- VERIFIED
643433 Ubuntu Firefox add-on incompatibility check blocking update tests -- RESOLVED
643491 Updates tests fail for Xulrunner:application.ini on Windows 2000 -- RESOLVED
643976 3.6.15 -> 3.6.16 and 3.5.17 -> 3.5.18 updates on releasetest actually point to 4.0 -- RESOLVED
645773 Crash when switching to fullscreen video on [@ nsMediaCacheStream::Read ] -- RESOLVED
645852 Window cannot be resized vertically 100% -- NEW
646136 Firefox 3.5.18/3.6.16 sr unexpectedly offered advertised update to Firefox 4.0 P2 RESOLVED
646656 Need a way to test advertised updates -- NEW
648294 Opening and closing Panorama fails because keys as given in the DTD are not recognized anymore when synthesizing the key event -- RESOLVED
648380 Mozmill test for (un)pinning app tabs -- VERIFIED
649399 Failure in Security::testGreyLarry waiting for state==open -- RESOLVED
649404 Failure in Security::testSafeBrowsingWarningPages -- RESOLVED
649405 Failure in Layout::testNavigateFTP -- RESOLVED
655884 'Timeout exceeded for waitForElement ID: ignoreWarningButton' in testSafeBrowsingNotificationBar.js -- RESOLVED
655885 'Timeout exceeded for waitForElement ID: getMeOutButton' in testSafeBrowsingWarningPages.js -- RESOLVED
656985 Map on does not render in Firefox -- RESOLVED
657486 Mozmill test for "Loading" status of the AOM Discovery Pane -- RESOLVED
657492 Mozmill test for installing an add-on from "Mozilla's pick of the month!" -- VERIFIED
657495 Mozmill test for install an add-on from the Promo module -- RESOLVED
657496 Mozmill test for installing an add-on from the Featured module -- RESOLVED
657497 Mozmill test for installing an add-on from the "Up & Coming" module -- RESOLVED
657993 Provide originating Firefox versions in automated "Updates Available" emails P5 RESOLVED
658094 Partial updates for 5.0b1 on Mac fail -- RESOLVED
658361 Mozmill test for add-ons recommendations with >4 add-ons installed -- RESOLVED
658365 Mozmill test for installing an add-on from "Recommended for you" -- NEW
658369 Mozmill test for installing an add-on with a EULA -- VERIFIED
658372 Mozmill test for checking "Recommended For You" only displays compatible add-ons -- RESOLVED
658373 Mozmill test for checking "Featured" only displays compatible add-ons -- RESOLVED
660079 Add helper method to reset permissions in Utils.js -- RESOLVED
662640 Need SSH access to to upload binary test files -- RESOLVED
664018 Mozmill test for installing an add-on from "First Time with Add-ons?" -- VERIFIED
664019 Mozmill test for installing an add-on from "Firefox Collection" -- RESOLVED
664654 tries to checkout unknown branch "mozilla-release" for Firefox 5.0build1 -- VERIFIED
666022 Some Firefox 4.0.1 -> 5.0 partial updates download as complete updates -- RESOLVED
666299 Need a waitForTabViewLoaded() in the shared modules -- RESOLVED
668878 Environment extraction appears to hang (GUI is frozen until it ends) -- VERIFIED
670721 Mozmill Endurance test for pinning App Tabs -- VERIFIED
670733 Add OSX 10.7 to update details as a platform -- RESOLVED
671059 Add helper method to handle modal install dialog to Addons.js -- RESOLVED
671433 Add notOK() function to Assertions module -- VERIFIED
671476 Mozmill Endurance test for loading a SWF video via URL -- RESOLVED
671477 Mozmill Endurance test for loading a SWF video via embed -- VERIFIED
671478 Mozmill Endurance test for loading a SWF video via object -- VERIFIED
671479 Mozmill Endurance test for loading a SWF video via iframe -- RESOLVED
677383 Addons::waitForDownload() should wait for download state not timeout -- RESOLVED
678224 Automatically switch-to-tab for open about:sessionrestore tab -- NEW
680120 edit-bugs access for Mihaela Velimiroviciu -- RESOLVED
680471 Upgrade Mozmill to 1.5.4 on all machines -- RESOLVED
681461 Do not unwrap the window and opener when handling modal dialogs (breaks testSubmitUnencryptedInfoWarning.js) -- RESOLVED
681756 Alternating speed of WebM video no longer supported? -- VERIFIED
683901 Inconsistent versions of Mozmill being reported in JSON report -- RESOLVED
684051 sec-bug access for Anthony Hughes -- RESOLVED
685189 Prompted to login twice -- NEW
686731 Port phishing pages to -- RESOLVED
687073 Digg button does not work in Firfox 9 -- NEW
687198 Unable to stage unsigned builds -- RESOLVED
687231 Beta-N -> Beta fallback updates failing on releasetest for some locales -- RESOLVED
687480 Memory usage spike detected in Mozmill Endurance tests -- VERIFIED
689360 OGG stream cannot resume when switching to fullscreen -- RESOLVED
690957 Firefox is already running when opening a link from Thunderbird -- RESOLVED
690986 editbugs for -- RESOLVED
692626 Some 8.0b1 -> 8.0b2 fallback updates fail under automation only -- RESOLVED
694591 Tabs overlap in tab bar -- NEW
697731 mail not accessible after password reset -- RESOLVED
697737 Broken Mozmill installation on Linux boxes due to a 'Build' subfolder -- RESOLVED
701893 Failure in testAddons_installTheme/test1.js -- VERIFIED
701901 Failure in testSearch::testGetMoreSearchEngines.js -- RESOLVED
701903 Failure in testSearchSelection.js::testSearchSelectionViaContextMenu -- RESOLVED
701908 restartTests/testAddons_installMultipleExtensions causing a hang in testruns P2 RESOLVED
702996 No updates served on 'nightly' channel for some 3.6.Xpre builds -- RESOLVED
703017 Incompatibility with Firefox 3.6.24pre and Mozmill 1.5.6 -- RESOLVED
705174 Scrolling is extremely slow on onLoad -- RESOLVED
705453 Performance degrades on as I fill out response in stream -- RESOLVED
708270 Flash endurance tests expose potential performance degradation regression P3 RESOLVED
708375 QA-Set is inaccessible -- VERIFIED
708387 Theme tests causing Firefox to hang due to mishandled installation dialog -- RESOLVED
708491 testSecurityNotification.js fails due to timeout on cert_domain_link P2 RESOLVED
708494 testUntrustedConnectionErrorPage.js fails to find element getMeOutOfHereButton -- RESOLVED
709932 Failure in Restart Tests :: testAddons_installFromFTP -- VERIFIED
709978 Wiki.MO returns database error on load -- VERIFIED
710347 Failure in testPasswordManager :: testPasswordNotSaved -- VERIFIED
710847 Improve waitFor() to handle and output current value -- RESOLVED
711290 Request for a "verified" flag to track fix verification -- RESOLVED
711691 Build number has to be explicitly converted into an integer for operations -- VERIFIED
712548 Superfluous "build" in filename of staged builds -- RESOLVED
713033 Add filter for 12.0 branch -- RESOLVED
713035 Testruns for 11.0 branch have not run since Dec 20 -- RESOLVED
715413 Failure in /restartTests/testAddons_uninstallTheme | Selected category has been loaded -- VERIFIED
715732 Firefox 10.0b3 updates not installing for 10.0b* -- VERIFIED
716685 Refactor tests to use CONSTANTS in place of discrete values -- RESOLVED
716705 Request for 2 netbooks for QA Project Snappy testing -- VERIFIED
719191 Software Update test to check for About dialog P2 RESOLVED
719708 No updates found for Firefox 10.0b* to 10.0b5 on releasetest -- VERIFIED
719971 Failure in testAddons_uninstallTheme | Modal dialog has been found and processed -- VERIFIED
719973 Failure in testAddons_changeTheme | Modal dialog has been found and processed -- VERIFIED
719974 Failure in testSearch/testRestoreDefaults | Engine has restored at the correct position -- VERIFIED
719980 Failure in testSecurity/testSubmitUnencryptedInfoWarning.js |Timeout exceeded for waitForElement ID: q -- VERIFIED
719982 Failure in testAddons_RestartlessExtensionWorksAfterRestart | Modal dialog has been found and processed P2 RESOLVED
719984 Failure in tesToolbar/testStopReloadButtons.js | Timeout exceeded for waitForElement ID: header -- VERIFIED
719987 Failure in testSecurity/testGreyLarry.js | Controller.assertJSProperty(ID: page-proxy-favicon) -- VERIFIED
719990 Failure in testSearch/testReorderSearchEngines.js | could not find element ID: dn -- VERIFIED
722198 Tracking bug for merging tests for Firefox 10 Release -- RESOLVED
722200 Create named branch 'mozilla-esr10' for mozmill-tests -- RESOLVED
722501 Regex in prevents downloading of ESR builds -- RESOLVED
722519 Add support for 'esr' and 'esrtest' update channels -- RESOLVED
724677 50% memory spike upon exiting private browsing mode -- NEW
724713 Update Mozmill Shared Modules to remove deprecated assertJS/assert calls -- RESOLVED
725486 Failure in testSecurity/testSubmitUnencryptedInfoWarning.js | The value in the search field should equal 'mozilla' -- RESOLVED
727107 Add support for specifying a tag in the config file for release tests -- RESOLVED
727532 Facebook syndication no longer works since November -- NEW
728306 Commit Access (Level 2) for Vlad Maniac: mozmill-tests and litmus-data commit -- RESOLVED
728308 Commit Access (Level 2) for Alex Lakatos: mozmill-tests and litmus-data commit -- RESOLVED
728898 Zimbra gives me Internal Server Error 500 on Nightly -- RESOLVED
730904 Update RSS feed for Anthony Hughes -- RESOLVED
731690 Failure in testPreferredLanguage.js::testSetLanguages | could not find element Link: Gruppi -- VERIFIED
731704 Remove support for Windows 2000 for mozmill-tests on Nightly -- RESOLVED
732137 Listener fails after idle time on WinXP VM (qa-set) -- RESOLVED
733012 Firefox 10.0.3esr#1 update channel defaults to nightly-esr10 instead of esr -- VERIFIED
734567 Tracking bug for 2012-03-13 mozmill-tests merges -- RESOLVED
735355 Update mozmill tests to use MPL2 license block -- RESOLVED
739423 Cannot enter text into short description textbox on Prestashop -- RESOLVED
742550 testSuggestHistoryBookmarks.js fails with 'The page title matches the underlined text - 'grants' should equal 'grant'' -- RESOLVED
747375 Stop running tests on Windows 2000 with Firefox 12 desupport -- RESOLVED
747639 All search tests fail in 12.0 candidates -- RESOLVED
747773 Tracking bug for merging Mozmill Tests branches for Firefox 12 release -- RESOLVED
753129 Flash still broken for some Nightly testers due to bug 751641 -- RESOLVED
753352 Win32 13.0b3 build1 candidates are missing -- VERIFIED
753889 -> breaks staging beta builds for update testing -- VERIFIED
756302 Automate all applicable smoke tests to be able to scale to the daily betas process -- NEW
759832 Discovery Pane :: Up and Coming Module test fails | Categories could not be found -- RESOLVED
760374 testBlueLarry fails with Disconnect error -- RESOLVED
760376 Failure in testSearch::testGetMoreSearchEngines.js | Modal dialog has been found -- RESOLVED
760731 Lots of failures for 13.0RC functional tests -- RESOLVED
760743 3.6.* gets prompted with an empty Software Update dialog on release channel -- VERIFIED
761416 Mozmill-tests branch migration for Firefox 13 release -- RESOLVED
761478 Close the mozmill-tests mozilla-1.9.2 branch -- RESOLVED
761717 Right Indent button looks like the Left Indent button in the Compose window -- VERIFIED
762215 [cpg] Very large memory regression between Firefox 14 and 15 in endurance test runs -- RESOLVED
766427 Desjardins Visa statements stuck loading at 100% -- RESOLVED
767819 testDefaultBookmarks failed | waitForPageLoad(): Timeout waiting for page loaded -- RESOLVED
767820 Failure in testAboutPrivateBrowsing.js | Disconnect Error: Application unexpectedly closed -- RESOLVED
767821 Failure in testRemoveAllCookies.js | Timeout waiting for page loaded -- RESOLVED
767822 Failure in testGreyLarry.js | Timeout waiting for page loaded -- RESOLVED
768657 Add support for recurring events -- NEW
769004 Iris Couch CouchDB outage -- VERIFIED
769090 waitForDownload() has to return early if download failure occurs -- RESOLVED
769396 Report fallback URL when running fallback updates -- NEW
770651 Google Spreadsheet selection alignment is incorrect -- RESOLVED
773828 Mozmill Tests branch migration for Firefox 14 release -- RESOLVED
779924 testGreenLarry failure | Timeout waiting for page loaded -- RESOLVED
779926 testAddMozSearchProvider failure | Timeout waiting for page loaded -- RESOLVED
783606 CSS fails to load on first-load of Twitter (shift+reload fixes it) -- RESOLVED
784076 Open authentication page in current tab if already on TLD -- RESOLVED
784838 Failure restoring backup of binary during update tests -- RESOLVED
785519 Request for a steps-wanted keyword -- VERIFIED
785649 No Mozmill-CI results for Firefox 10.0.7esr and 15.0 RC functional tests -- RESOLVED
785651 Merge mozmill-tests branches for Firefox 15 release -- RESOLVED
788678 All calendars report as "momentarily unavailable" -- RESOLVED
790811 No context menu item to share web content -- RESOLVED
791054 Replace "not logged in" with a sign-in link -- RESOLVED
791092 Drag to reorder chat panels -- RESOLVED
791326 Aurora updates for some 2012-09-13 linux32 locales are broken -- RESOLVED
793018 Resizing sidebar is choppy -- UNCONFIRMED
793280 Random bolding of text on Facebook -- RESOLVED
793290 Old download manager appears on first use -- RESOLVED
793295 Downloads Panel misplaced on first use -- RESOLVED
795050 On first run after the app version changes ping times are worse -- NEW
795398 Mozmill test to check that MD5 hash signatures are no longer accepted P2 RESOLVED
795437 [Tablet-UI] Firefox menu is not scrollable -- RESOLVED
798422 Edit Bugs access for Manuela Muntean -- RESOLVED
798540 Merge mozmill-tests branches for Firefox 16 release -- RESOLVED
799544 Crash with abort message: "X_FreeGC: BadGC (invalid GC parameter)" when opening about:support with Software Rasterizer - Mesa up to version 7.11 -- RESOLVED
800619 Commit Access (Level 1) for Matt Wobensmith: try commit -- RESOLVED
804215 Crash with abort message: "X_FreeGC: BadGC (invalid GC parameter)" when loading MozTrap with Mesa 7.10 -- RESOLVED
804223 After multiple crashes, toolbar panels are empty -- RESOLVED
804656 flyout panel blocking events to sidebar -- VERIFIED
808116 Friend status indicator is different in sidebar and chat window P1 VERIFIED
811407 Awesomebar tests failed for 17.0b6 candidate on Windows XP resulting in Disconnect error -- VERIFIED
811865 Merge mozmill-tests branches for Firefox 17 release -- RESOLVED
813449 testAwesomeBar/testSuggestHistory.js fails in setupModule() with "Browsing History has been cleared" -- RESOLVED
813699 ondemand_update scripts taking a long time to execute for Firefox 17 updates on release channel -- RESOLVED
815370 Considerable jank when starting Firefox with Social API enabled -- RESOLVED
816202 Social API Private Browsing cache leaks to normal browsing mode -- RESOLVED
817688 Firefox 15.0.1 -> 17.0.1 fallback updates fail intermittently -- RESOLVED
819415 Revise subject of [release] emails for esrtest updates to mention esrtest channel P3 RESOLVED
823244 Rdio flyout does not behave as expected -- RESOLVED
826486 Merge mozmill-tests branches for Firefox 18 release -- RESOLVED
830004 Primary application ribbon appears off screen if unlocked after using camera -- RESOLVED
830008 Camera crashes when switch repeatedly between video and camera mode -- RESOLVED
831502 Rename repository to -- VERIFIED
831503 Update to use testcase-data repository instead of litmus-data -- RESOLVED
838815 Pinned tabs overlapping Nightly button -- RESOLVED
839548 Excessive memory while loading PDF thumbnail view P3 RESOLVED
840810 testSafeBrowsingNotificationBar fails with Timeout waiting for page loaded -- RESOLVED
841803 Mozmill tests branch migration for Firefox 19 -- RESOLVED
842392 Firefox 10.0.12esr update to 17.0.2esr P2 RESOLVED
845079 Add support for a metro test-run type -- RESOLVED
845947 Firefox <=19.0 updates on betatest do not go passed Firefox 19.0 -- RESOLVED
846369 Layout broken when viewing image from -- RESOLVED
848577 Create a Mozmill Endurance test to catch regular expression memory spike (bug 837845) P2 VERIFIED
849044 [17.0.4esr] 10.0.12esr builds update to 17.0.3esr on esrtest channel -- RESOLVED
849347 Facebook activation fails when checking for blocklisted provider -- VERIFIED
849533 Unable to log in (persona related?) -- RESOLVED
849535 Some of the field documentation has disappeared -- RESOLVED
851502 Create an Endurance test to measure html5 video memory use (re: bug 834667) P2 RESOLVED
851507 Create an Endurance test to measure PDF thumbnail memory use (re: bug 839548) P2 RESOLVED
852211 Add automated checks for desupported platforms P3 NEW
853147 Extend update tests to include partner builds and custom distributions -- RESOLVED
855125 Merge Mozmill branches for Firefox 20 release -- RESOLVED
855142 Addons tests failing with 20RC candidate builds P1 RESOLVED
856734 mm-ci-master appears to be hung -- RESOLVED
857380 21b1 update tests failing with NS_ERROR_UNEXPECTED in nsIFileOutputStream.init P1 VERIFIED
858663 Cannot activate Facebook Messenger via activation page -- VERIFIED
859977 Update tests fail with "channelprefs.js not found" -- RESOLVED
862969 [zh-TW] Failure "Current domain name matches target domain name - 'knowledge' should equal 'rd'" in testSearchSelection.js::testSearchViaContextMenu -- RESOLVED
862972 [ja] Failure "'Phishing protection' element has been found - got 'false'" in testSafeBrowsingWarningPages.js::testWarningPages (ja-JP) P3 RESOLVED
866820 login page loads blank -- RESOLVED
867005 Mac OSX 10.6 nodes failing on -- VERIFIED
869242 Merge mozmill-tests branches for Firefox 21 release -- RESOLVED
871209 Scraper is failing to see 21.0build3 builds -- RESOLVED
871851 Firefox 21.0build3 updates on releasetest are broken, file size inconsistency P1 RESOLVED
882812 Learn More link in Addons Manager :: Services should display SUMO article -- NEW
882819 Re-enabling a Social provider enables as inactive -- RESOLVED
883914 TYPO3 compatibility regression in Nightly -- VERIFIED
885599 Create VMs for Windows 8.1 preview (x86, x86-64) in -- RESOLVED
886895 Add-ons Manager doesn't show all plug-ins as out of date -- RESOLVED
889519 Lots of ondemand_update failures with various Java IO Exceptions -- RESOLVED
892204 Geolocation Permission indicator is garbled on Linux -- RESOLVED
894509 l10n failure in testTabbedBrowser/testNewTab.js -- RESOLVED
894510 Failure - domain name mismatch in testSearchSelection.js -- RESOLVED
894513 [ku] Location bar should contain pasted clipboard content - got , expected ipsum in testPasteLocationBar.js P3 RESOLVED
895996 [ku] testAddMozSearchProvider.js fails with "Disconnect Error: Application unexpectedly closed" because the print dialog gets opened P1 RESOLVED
897177 Firefox 23 en-US functional testrun on Ubuntu 12.04 64-bit resulted in 19 failures -- VERIFIED
897182 Failure in restart test testDefaultBookmarks/test1.js with "Bookmarks Toolbar is visible" -- VERIFIED
897183 Failures in restartTests/testPreferences_masterPassword/test*.js -- VERIFIED
897733 Show Comment on Youtube broke on July 23, 2013 -- RESOLVED
898574 Nodes in * cannot reach external machines via the proxy -- RESOLVED
898587 No updates available to Firefox 23.0b9 -- VERIFIED
898927 Add feed for to Planet -- RESOLVED
899629 Migrate mozmill-tests for Firefox 23 -- RESOLVED
899766 Install testdaybot (including node.js) on -- RESOLVED
901951 testMixedContentPage.js fails with "getProperty: Unknown property - identity.mixed_content" -- RESOLVED
909383 crash in js::ion::LIRGenerator::lowerBitOp(JSOp, js::ion::MInstruction*) spiking in Firefox 25.0a2 as of 2013-08-24 -- RESOLVED
910442 Stub Installer on is serving Firefox 24.0a2 20130805 -- VERIFIED
910459 Mozmill test to verify Stub Installer installs the correct build P2 NEW
913200 Migrate mozmill-tests for Firefox 24 -- RESOLVED
918142 Several 25.0b1 ondemand update testruns are hung for ~40 minutes now causing backlog -- RESOLVED
920151 [csb] Lots of Search failures with csb builds (mainly component failures in teardown modules) -- RESOLVED
920725 crash in nsHtml5StreamParser::WriteStreamBytes(unsigned char const*, unsigned int, unsigned int*) -- VERIFIED
920745 Please elevate permissions on for -- VERIFIED
924476 Request notification of events affecting release timelines P3 RESOLVED
925407 crash in npswf32_11_9_900_117.dll@0x345b8d -- RESOLVED
927081 crash in js::gc::IsAboutToBeFinalized<js::Shape> -- RESOLVED
928020 crash in mozalloc_abort(char const* const) | xul.dll@0xdd757f | xul.dll@0x8a76f4 | xul.dll@0x6af6ce | xul.dll@0x12c618 | xul.dll@0x10b4f0 | js::Invoke(JSContext*, JS::Value const&, JS::Value const&, unsigned int, JS::Value*, JS::MutableHandle<JS::Value>) -- RESOLVED
928124 Migrate Mozmill Tests for Firefox 25 P1 RESOLVED
929009 crash in `anonymous namespace''::downmix_to_stereo<float>(float*, long, float*, int) -- VERIFIED
929738 Update Mac OSX 10.9 nodes to Final build -- VERIFIED
931863 Connection timeouts on Topcrash queries -- VERIFIED
932002 is not accessible -- RESOLVED
935773 Social Bookmark button icon doesn't show on Windows -- VERIFIED
938698 Java 7u45 is CTP blocked for some versions -- RESOLVED
949787 Can't share images from Gallery on Buri -- RESOLVED
949826 Message history doesn't show up -- RESOLVED
949830 Not receiving messages on Buri 1.2 -- RESOLVED
950888 crash in ExperimentRunner::Run() at startup -- VERIFIED
950895 crash in mozalloc_abort(char const* const) | mozalloc_handle_oom(unsigned int) | moz_xmalloc | mozilla::BaseMediaResource::DispatchBytesConsumed(__int64, __int64) -- RESOLVED
952321 crash in mozilla::dom::DocumentBinding::genericMethod -- VERIFIED
956918 Australis: Toolbar scaling looks squished after activating Demo Provider -- RESOLVED
957256 crash in mozilla::scache::StartupCache::WriteToDisk() -- VERIFIED
960439 [meta] Access key failures in preference window for locales other than en-US -- RESOLVED
960482 crash in mozilla::net::SpdySession31::CleanupStream(mozilla::net::SpdyStream31*, tag_nsresult, mozilla::net::SpdySession31::rstReason) -- RESOLVED
962145 Test failure "'Recently Closed Tabs' sub menu has one entry - '0' should equal '1'" in testUndoTabFromContextMenu -- RESOLVED
962219 crash in RtlpWaitOnCriticalSection | RtlpDeCommitFreeBlock | winMutexEnter -- RESOLVED
962846 crash in mozalloc_abort(char const*) | Abort | NS_DebugBreak | GCGraphBuilder::DescribeRefCountedNode(unsigned int, char const*) -- RESOLVED
963273 Several failures in /testAccessKeys/test1.js for Aurora es-MX builds -- RESOLVED
963316 Crashes in JSObject::is<js::ArgumentsObject>() on Firefox 28 Aurora/Beta -- RESOLVED
964351 Spike in Aurora 28.0a2 as of 2014-01-26 with TppTimerpExecuteCallback -- NEW
964355 crash in RtlInterlockedFlushSList | winmm_buffer_thread explosive in Aurora 28 since 2014-01-24 -- RESOLVED
965914 crash in mozilla::gfx::CopyRect mostly with Intel GPUs -- VERIFIED
967055 Investigate standing up a Mac OSX Mozmill-CI node to test 32-bit mode P2 RESOLVED
967611 Failure in testSearchSuggestions.js: Suggestions from two search engines are available - '1' should equal '2' -- RESOLVED
969052 Dashboard outage at iriscouch on Feb 6th -- RESOLVED
971007 Failure in /testGeolocation/testShareLocation.js: "Geolocation position is: Unknown error acquiring position" -- RESOLVED
972959 [zh-CN] Failures in /restartTests/testAddons_enableDisableExtension -- RESOLVED
974458 Qualify stability of Mozmill tests for ms locale -- RESOLVED
974582 Failure in /testGeolocation/testShareLocation.js: Unknown error acquiring position -- RESOLVED
974586 Failure in /testLayout/testNavigateFTP.js - Timeout waiting for page loaded -- RESOLVED
974656 Linux crash in gfxContext::PushClipsToDT(mozilla::gfx::DrawTarget*) P5 RESOLVED
976125 crash in nsCSSStyleSheet::GetOwningDocument() (probably really imgStatusTracker::GetImageStatus) -- RESOLVED
976135 crash in NS_ABORT_OOM(unsigned int) | nsString::nsString(nsString const&) from DOM storage calls spiked in Firefox 28.0b4 -- RESOLVED
976141 crash in mozalloc_abort(char const* const) | mozalloc_handle_oom(unsigned int) | moz_xmalloc | GCGraphBuilder::NoteChild(void*, nsCycleCollectionParticipant*, nsCString) -- RESOLVED
981681 startup crash in XREMain::XRE_main(int, char** const, nsXREAppData const*) -- NEW
984445 startup crashes in (primarily on Ubuntu 14.04) -- RESOLVED
984725 High volume of test failures with Firefox Nightly 31.0a1 -- RESOLVED
988549 startup crash in _VEC_memzero | _VEC_memzero -- VERIFIED
991833 Recent spike in crashes with js::jit::DoGetPropFallback P3 NEW
991842 [GCC?] crash in js::jit::DoTypeMonitorFallback spiking as of 2014-03-29 -- RESOLVED
991845 crash in nsTArray_base<nsTArrayInfallibleAllocator, nsTArray_CopyWithMemutils>::IncrementLength(unsigned int) | `anonymous namespace''::WorkerJSRuntime::WorkerJSRuntime(JSRuntime*, mozilla::dom::workers::WorkerPrivate*) -- VERIFIED
991847 crash in js::Invoke(JSContext*, JS::CallArgs, js::MaybeConstruct) -- REOPENED
991854 crash in JSObject::getPropertyNoGC(JSContext*, JSObject*, JSObject*, js::PropertyName*, JS::Value*) -- RESOLVED
992306 crash in JSObject::getGeneric(JSContext*, JS::Handle<JSObject*>, JS::Handle<JSObject*>, JS::Handle<jsid>, JS::MutableHandle<JS::Value>) -- RESOLVED
993003 crash in mozilla::GetSourceReaderDuration(IMFSourceReader*, __int64&) as of 2014-04-03 -- VERIFIED
996069 crash in CreateNativeGlobalForInner starting on 2014-04-11 -- VERIFIED
996077 crash in JSAutoCompartment::JSAutoCompartment(JSContext*, JSObject*) | nsXBLBinding::DoInitJSClass(JSContext*, JS::Handle<JSObject*>, nsCString const&, nsXBLPrototypeBinding*, JS::MutableHandle<JSObject*>, bool*) starting on 2014-04-12 -- VERIFIED
1004576 [Australis] Background tabs are unreadable when using a dark Windows theme -- VERIFIED
1004608 14% spike in memory usage starting April 27, 2014 -- RESOLVED
1005394 Make sure all Aurora users are updated to Firefox 31.0a2 latest on Monday May 5th, 2014 -- VERIFIED
1005988 crash in intel_aes_gcmENC P1 VERIFIED
1006627 Recent upgrade has introduced a rendering regression on scroll -- RESOLVED
1011075 crash in FinalizeTypedArenas<JSObject> first appeared on 2014-05-14 -- RESOLVED
1015341 startup crash in KiUserCallbackDispatcher on 32-bit versions of Windows 7 and Vista -- RESOLVED
1016440 crash in gfxContext::gfxContext(mozilla::gfx::DrawTarget*) -- VERIFIED
1019208 Merge mozmill-tests for Firefox 30 -- RESOLVED
1022742 crash in -- RESOLVED
1024031 Rendering broken for overlay on -- RESOLVED
1026601 Lightning 2.6.5 shows a double toolbar on first-run -- VERIFIED
1026738 Firefox 31.0b2 update tests are failing on releasetest -- RESOLVED
1028967 crash in npswf32_14_0_0_136.dll@0x35166d -- RESOLVED
1028972 crash in xul.dll@0x8e13cd | xul.dll@0x1ab44c | xul.dll@0x126047 | xul.dll@0x19effe | xul.dll@0x1c8403 | _MD_CURRENT_THREAD | PR_Unlock | xul.dll@0x11d2d4 | xul.dll@0x1c844d | xul.dll@0x34a70d -- VERIFIED
1028981 crash in nsTArray_Impl<mozilla::gfx::IntRectTyped<mozilla::gfx::UnknownUnits>, nsTArrayInfallibleAllocator>::Clear() -- NEW
1029601 Screen times out while typing a text -- RESOLVED
1029732 Lots of failures in /testGeolocation/testShareLocation.js::testVerifyDisplayGeolocationNotification() with "Geolocation position is: Unknown error acquiring position" -- RESOLVED
1034706 crash in js::jit::EnterBaselineMethod(JSContext*, js::RunState&) P3 RESOLVED
1034712 crash in OOM | unknown | js::CrashAtUnhandlableOOM(char const*) | JSC::Yarr::YarrGenerator<int>::opCompileAlternative(JSC::Yarr::PatternAlternative*) -- RESOLVED
1034973 Crashes in mozalloc_abort(char const* const) | NS_DebugBreak | nsDebugImpl::Abort(char const*, int) with AsyncShutdownTimeout "CrashMonitor: Writing notifications to file after receiving profile-before-change" -- RESOLVED
1034975 Crash in mozalloc_abort(char const* const) | NS_DebugBreak | nsDebugImpl::Abort(char const*, int) with AsyncShutdownTimer "Search service: shutting down" -- RESOLVED
1034977 Crash in mozalloc_abort(char const* const) | NS_DebugBreak | nsDebugImpl::Abort(char const*, int) with AsyncShutdownTimer "Sqlite.jsm Waiting for connections to close" -- RESOLVED
1035529 crash in with Bandoo datamngr/safetynut (Movies Toolbar) -- VERIFIED
1035534 crash in js::jit::JitRuntime::patchIonBackedges(JSRuntime*, js::jit::JitRuntime::BackedgeTarget) -- NEW
1035537 crash in KiUserExceptionDispatcher -- RESOLVED
1035566 Don't re-prompt to enable services if services are enabled -- NEW
1035938 Several failures with search related tests in 31b8 with "controller.waitForPageLoad(URI=http://localhost:43336/search/opensearch.html, readyState=complete)" -- RESOLVED
1035940 Test failure "The tab with index '1' has been selected" in testSessionStore/testUndoTab.js P4 RESOLVED
1037214 crash in mozalloc_abort(char const* const) | NS_DebugBreak | mozilla::dom::FragmentOrElement::GetTextContentInternal(nsAString_internal&) -- VERIFIED
1037218 crash in nsRefPtr<nsDOMWindowList>::assign_with_AddRef(nsDOMWindowList*) | mozilla::net::nsHttpChannel::OnStopRequest(nsIRequest*, nsISupports*, tag_nsresult) -- RESOLVED
1037219 crash in xul.dll@0x913746 | xul.dll@0xb2516 | xul.dll@0x132cfd | xul.dll@0x8f55e | xul.dll@0x963f3 | PR_AssertCurrentThreadOwnsLock | PR_Unlock | xul.dll@0x77854 | xul.dll@0x95c9d | xul.dll@0x3483e9 -- NEW
1037221 crash in mozilla::dom::HTMLBodyElement::ParseAttribute(int, nsIAtom*, nsAString_internal const&, nsAttrValue&) P5 NEW
1037224 crash in mozilla::dom::HTMLBodyElement::ParseAttribute(int, nsIAtom*, nsAString_internal const&, nsAttrValue&) -- RESOLVED
1038220 crash in mozilla::jsipc::JavaScriptParent::IsCPOW(JSObject*) -- RESOLVED
1039602 crash in PrepareAndDispatch mainly with Cocoon -- NEW
1041581 crash in smdmf.dll@0x158209 starting July 16, 2014 (possible malware) -- RESOLVED
1042331 Rounded text field borders are wrong on Mac OSX 10.10 -- VERIFIED
1042338 Selection highlight in context menu and main menus is not vertically aligned in Mac OS 10.10 -- VERIFIED
1042344 Dismissing the cookies manager dialog is not very discoverable -- NEW
1042355 Cannot resume sharing devices during a conversation P5 RESOLVED
1042360 No more speaker icon with the redesign -- RESOLVED
1042808 Cannot resume a call if the other party restarts Firefox -- RESOLVED
1042815 Device sharing prompt doesn't appear for person accepting a call -- RESOLVED
1042818 Caller is not notified when a call is declined -- RESOLVED
1043484 Unable to retrieve call URL today -- VERIFIED
1052182 Google search box shrunk in recent Nightly builds -- RESOLVED
1052200 Google calendar columns in week view are misaligned on Retina Mac & with full-page-zoom on other platforms, due to "wk-dummyth" element being a different size from the scrollbar P3 RESOLVED
1053476 Loop panel has too much vertical space in the Hamburger menu -- RESOLVED
1061748 crash in libsystem_platform.dylib@0x4e75 -- RESOLVED
1062555 "avast! Online Security" add-on does not work with e10s -- RESOLVED
1062932 Tab tooltips are sized to the length of the tab with the most text -- NEW
1064431 Migrate QA whiteboard tags to qe-verify flag -- NEW
1067653 Provide notification that callee unavailable -- RESOLVED
1068830 Enable testing status flags to Loop product -- VERIFIED
1069031 Don't allow sharing devices after a call is cancelled -- RESOLVED
1072095 Double conversation windows when starting a call -- RESOLVED
1075978 Loading a second call URL does not update the call URL -- RESOLVED
1080236 About pages are not rendering content on Sony Xperia Z2 tablet -- RESOLVED
1080743 content does not load properly with mobile UA -- RESOLVED
1083993 Close window button on password reset page doesn't work -- RESOLVED
1083997 Scrolling transition isn't working in Firefox on -- RESOLVED
1085461 crash in nsAString_internal::BeginReading(nsReadingIterator<char16_t>&) const -- VERIFIED
1086925 Popping out conversation window stops ringing before a call is accepted/declined P5 RESOLVED
1086928 Standalone page shows up blank in IE 11 -- RESOLVED
1089210 Crash without breakpad on -- RESOLVED
1090379 crash in mozilla::image::imgFrame::DrawableRef() -- RESOLVED
1090384 crash in -- NEW
1092239 Investigate automation for the Standalone page P2 RESOLVED
1096307 Add tests to prevent regressions with light-weight themes in Firefox for Android -- NEW
1096383 crash in -[ChildView keyDown:] -- RESOLVED
1096493 Checked checkboxes on do not render with e10s -- RESOLVED
1096496 Tab crashes on when uploading an attachment -- RESOLVED
1105386 Page doesn't load/render if the mouse is not moving P2 NEW
1108709 Android crash in on Mali-400 MP and some PowerVR SGX 540 adapters -- RESOLVED
1109185 Permissions bump incorrectness for Fennec 35 Beta -- VERIFIED
1110278 Provide search engine selection in all the places -- RESOLVED
1113797 Logging in on QMO v6 does not work with LDAP credentials -- VERIFIED
1115049 Firefox 30.0 was unable to find/install an update -- RESOLVED
1117956 Default QA contact for Loop -- RESOLVED
1132540 displays ssl_error_no_cypher_overlap error -- VERIFIED
1133973 Blank rendering on parts of the screen on Flame -- RESOLVED
1143866 crash in shutdownhang | WaitForSingleObjectEx | WaitForSingleObject | PR_WaitCondVar | PR_JoinThread | mozilla::dom::DOMStorageDBThread::Shutdown() -- RESOLVED
1143873 crash in shutdownhang | mozilla::EventDispatcher::Dispatch(nsISupports*, nsPresContext*, mozilla::WidgetEvent*, nsIDOMEvent*, nsEventStatus*, mozilla::EventDispatchingCallback*, nsCOMArray<mozilla::dom::EventTarget>*) -- NEW
1143877 crash in mozilla::dom::File::QueryInterface(nsID const&, void**) -- RESOLVED
1143885 crash in mozilla::dom::indexedDB::IDBTransaction::SendAbort(tag_nsresult) -- RESOLVED
1143891 crash in shutdownhang | WaitForSingleObjectEx | WaitForSingleObject | PR_Wait | nsThread::ProcessNextEvent... | NS_ProcessNextEvent(nsIThread*, bool) | nsXMLHttpRequest::Send(nsIVariant*, mozilla::dom::Nullable<nsXMLHttpRequest::RequestBody> const&) -- NEW
1143895 crash in mozilla::dom::MediaTrackList::GetTrackById(nsAString_internal const&) -- RESOLVED
1144290 crash in shutdownhang | mozilla::dom::Element::SetAttr(int, nsIAtom*, nsIAtom*, nsAString_internal const&, bool) -- NEW
1144422 Text colour doesn't revert when unhovering a persona -- VERIFIED
1144718 Socorro currently doesn't show the correct crashing thread for shutdown hangs -- RESOLVED
1144813 crash in shutdownhang | mozilla::dom::CallbackObject::CallSetup::CallSetup(mozilla::dom::CallbackObject*, mozilla::ErrorResult&, mozilla::dom::CallbackObject::ExceptionHandling, JSCompartment*, bool) -- NEW
1146185 Firefox Nightly and Aurora updates not publishing automatically -- RESOLVED
1147215 crash in mozilla::dom::WarningOnlyErrorReporter(JSContext*, char const*, JSErrorReport*) -- RESOLVED
1147709 Fix Planet feed for -- RESOLVED
1149698 Taskbar tab previews do not work with e10s -- RESOLVED
1151644 Window renders blank with layers.acceleration.disabled set to true -- VERIFIED
1152085 IT Discourse Request: Quality Assurance (Anthony Hughes, QA Mentor (:ashughes)) -- RESOLVED
1152379 crash in nsRefPtr<mozilla::dom::DocumentFragment>::nsRefPtr<mozilla::dom::DocumentFragment>(mozilla::dom::DocumentFragment*) | AsyncPaintWaitEvent::AsyncPaintWaitEvent(nsIContent*, bool) -- RESOLVED
1154350 Tab highlighting when using themes is off by a few pixels -- RESOLVED
1154357 Ozolio web cams do not work in Firefox -- RESOLVED
1161090 crash in shutdownhang | WaitForSingleObjectEx | WaitForSingleObject | PR_Wait | nsThread::ProcessNextEvent(bool, bool*) | NS_ProcessNextEvent(nsIThread*, bool) | mozilla::dom::workers::RuntimeService::Cleanup() P5 NEW
1161242 crash in OOM | large | mozalloc_abort(char const* const) | mozalloc_handle_oom(unsigned int) | moz_xrealloc | nsTArray_base<nsTArrayInfallibleAllocator, nsTArray_CopyWithMemutils>::EnsureCapacity(unsigned int, unsigned int) | mozilla::dom::CanvasRender... -- RESOLVED
1161543 Content shifted when removing secondary monitor -- RESOLVED
1161590 Create a pref (not in about:config) to allow working around graphics blacklisting for testing purposes -- RESOLVED
1162123 Content is zoomed when tab dragged to secondary monitor -- RESOLVED
1162125 Cannot drag tab to non-e10s window -- RESOLVED
1162520 crash in DrawingContext::FillRectangle(D2D_RECT_F const*, ID2D1Brush*) -- RESOLVED
1165508 Inconsistent user experience with search settings buttons -- RESOLVED
1166422 Youtube video displays black in e10s mode -- RESOLVED
1166542 crash in js::gc::StoreBuffer::MonoTypeBuffer<js::gc::StoreBuffer::WholeCellEdges>::trace(js::gc::StoreBuffer*, js::TenuringTracer&) -- RESOLVED
1167717 Firefox Accounts pathway not integrated with sign-up page -- RESOLVED
1168149 crash in shutdownhang | WaitForSingleObjectEx | WaitForSingleObject | PR_Wait | mozilla::ReentrantMonitor::Wait(unsigned int) | nsThread::ProcessNextEvent(bool, bool*) | NS_ProcessNextEvent(nsIThread*, bool) | mozilla::dom::workers::RuntimeService::Cle... P5 NEW
1168150 crash in nsThread::ProcessNextEvent(bool, bool*) | NS_ProcessNextEvent(nsIThread*, bool) | nsXMLHttpRequest::Send(nsIVariant*, mozilla::dom::Nullable<nsXMLHttpRequest::RequestBody> const&) -- RESOLVED
1173081 Firefox won't launch from icon in Mac OS 10.11 -- RESOLVED
1174293 Reader view incorrectly detected on back navigation -- NEW
1174299 Chrome selective-caching demo does not render fonts correctly in Firefox -- RESOLVED
1174301 Chrome service mock-response demo fails in Firefox with Same Origin Policy error -- RESOLVED
1174303 Chrome service postMessage() demo fails with MessageChannel not defined -- RESOLVED
1177868 crash in mozilla::gfx::DrawTargetD2D1::Init(mozilla::gfx::IntSizeTyped<T> const&, mozilla::gfx::SurfaceFormat) -- RESOLVED
1179049 crash in CreateBoxShadow -- RESOLVED
1179927 [email] email message list shows placeholder contents (horizontal bars instead of message text) on return from another app -- RESOLVED
1179929 calendar app rendering -- RESOLVED
1181349 crash in nvwgf2um.dll@0x39e5d -- RESOLVED
1181786 Duplicate update notifications in Marketplace -- RESOLVED
1182919 crash in nsCOMPtr_base::assign_with_AddRef(nsISupports*) | nsBaseWidget::AddChild(nsIWidget*) -- RESOLVED
1183673 "Error: Failed to create the graphics startup lockfile." on Dell Precision T1600 in Toronto lab -- RESOLVED
1183675 "Error: Unexpected Intel/AMD dual-GPU setup" on Lenovo Thinkpad G500 in Toronto lab P3 NEW
1185694 Varying crashes on Nexus 6 with WebGLMap demo -- RESOLVED
1186054 Excessive memory usage on -- RESOLVED
1186443 Duplicate tracking protection icons in the awesomebar -- RESOLVED
1187182 only displays half the page (Gecko ignores meta viewport tag update/removal) P3 REOPENED
1187464 crash in mozilla::layers::BasicCompositor::DrawQuad(mozilla::gfx::RectTyped<T> const&, mozilla::gfx::RectTyped<T> const&, mozilla::layers::EffectChain const&, float, mozilla::gfx::Matrix4x4 const&) -- RESOLVED
1187466 [Windows] crash in mozilla::layers::BasicCompositor::DrawQuad(mozilla::gfx::RectTyped<T> const&, mozilla::gfx::RectTyped<T> const&, mozilla::layers::EffectChain const&, float, mozilla::gfx::Matrix4x4 const&) -- RESOLVED
1191053 crash in js::jit::JitProfilingFrameIterator::operator++() -- RESOLVED
1191921 crash in xul.dll@0x212faf0 | mozilla::dom::quota::QuotaObject::Release() -- RESOLVED
1192348 Add GPU family/generation information to Telemetry -- NEW
1192351 about:support should include GPU family/generation -- NEW
1192956 Thunderbird renders background window in the title bar -- RESOLVED
1193945 RSS content preview does not load, out of memory with e10s enabled -- RESOLVED
1194773 Font appears stretched in landscape on Yahoo health -- RESOLVED
1194897 [e10s] window.[location|menu|personal|status|tool]bar.visible is always false -- VERIFIED
1198043 Redhat test page displays when loading -- RESOLVED
1198498 displays CloudFront error on load -- RESOLVED
1198933 Update notification icon is overflowing -- RESOLVED
1201525 calendar mega-zoomed after startup -- RESOLVED
1201679 API should allow querying results of GFX features -- RESOLVED
1201960 Investigate regression in COMPOSITE_TIME since 2015-09-02 -- RESOLVED
1204041 Menu animation on is jankier in Firefox than Chrome -- NEW
1205756 displays 403-Forbidden while works -- NEW
1205772 Tab dragging seems clunky in Nightly on Mac OS X -- NEW
1205857 crash in nvwgf2umx.dll@0x554ab -- RESOLVED
1206210 Win10 crashes in nvwgf2umx.dll@0x5c9bf via mozilla::layers::DXGITextureHostD3D11::Unlock() -- RESOLVED
1207329 Cannot use markdown syntax to linkify text -- VERIFIED
1208579 Favicon for Vidyo Replay URL is much smaller in Firefox 44 -- RESOLVED
1208751 Checkerboarding artifacts on Mac Mini (Mid 2010) P3 NEW
1209617 APZ causes jank when scrolling on -- RESOLVED
1216210 UI appears blacked out after dragging a tab outside the window -- NEW
1217191 crash in mozilla::dom::HTMLCanvasElement::OnVisibilityChange -- RESOLVED
1217504 crash in @0x0 | mozilla::gl::GLContextWGL::Init -- RESOLVED
1221348 startup crash in igd10umd64.dll@0x1e669 when detecting texture sharing on 8.5.10.[18xx-1994] Intel driver -- RESOLVED
1221357 crash in nsHTMLDocument::StartDocumentLoad -- NEW
1222492 Fields in login form on do not focus -- VERIFIED
1223184 startup crash in mozalloc_abort | NS_DebugBreak | mozilla::layers::ClientLayerManager::GetBackendName -- RESOLVED
1223192 crash in @0x0 | nsTArray_Impl<T>::RemoveElementsAt | mozilla::layers::ImageHost::~ImageHost -- RESOLVED
1223193 crash in mozilla::layers::ImageBridgeChild::RemoveTextureFromCompositableAsync -- RESOLVED
1225678 startup crash in nsGlobalWindow::SetDocShell -- RESOLVED
1225683 crash in ig4dev32.dll@0x374d exclusively on Windows Vista -- RESOLVED
1225684 crash in aticfx32.dll@0x25861 mostly with Intel Ironlake -- RESOLVED
1228072 Flickering black artifacts with a recent update -- NEW
1228640 Spike in crashes @ nsDNSRecord::GetNextAddr starting 2015-11-25 -- RESOLVED
1231250 URL entry controls remain active after navigation, overlap tab controls -- RESOLVED
1232752 hangs on load -- RESOLVED
1233128 Links on appear with strikethrough instead of underline -- NEW
1233556 crashes in nahimicmsiosd.dll P1 RESOLVED
1234944 Whats New link on points to 44.0a2, not 45.0a2 -- VERIFIED
1235076 Black gradient over menu list after mouse overs in Thunderbird on 5K iMac P3 NEW
1239402 Add ability to supersearch for terms with whitespace and special characters -- VERIFIED
1244300 Animation on collapsible div is slower in Firefox than Chrome -- NEW
1247796 Element with background-color:ActiveBorder renders all black -- RESOLVED
1248051 <p> with webkit linear gradient on does not display with a transparent background, unlike Chrome -- RESOLVED
1248482 Results do not appear directly under location bar -- RESOLVED
1248675 Dragging window to secondary screen with hwa disabled creates twin window with different scaling -- VERIFIED
1255930 Zooming out causes background image (gif) to misrender -- RESOLVED
1260610 crash in void js::PreBarrierFunctor<T>::operator()<T> -- NEW
1261646 crash in bool js::ValueToId<T> -- RESOLVED
1262271 Netflix videos show a black screen, do not play on latest Nightly -- RESOLVED
1263245 Panes overlap and are not resizable in Wide layout on Mac OS X -- RESOLVED
1264504 crash in gfxFontGroup::GetFirstValidFont P3 NEW
1264505 crash in -- RESOLVED
1265926 Screen tearing on Mac OS 10.11.5 Beta using second screen -- RESOLVED
1266209 crash in mozilla::gfx::Path::TransformedCopyToBuilder -- RESOLVED
1266212 crash in mozilla::gfx::DataSourceSurfaceD2D1::Map -- RESOLVED
1266220 crash in @0x0 | igdumdim32.dll@0x227d8c P1 RESOLVED
1268155 crash in mozilla::webgl::TexUnpackSurface::TexUnpackSurface -- RESOLVED
1268202 crash in compute_image_info P3 NEW
1270232 Startup crash in mozilla::FrameLayerBuilder::PaintItems -- NEW
1270662 Supersearch drops special characters from URL -- VERIFIED
1270901 Socorro API should allow searching further down the stack in a crash -- RESOLVED
1272123 Crash in OOM | large | mozalloc_abort | mozalloc_handle_oom | moz_xrealloc | nsTArray_base<T>::EnsureCapacity<T> | mozilla::dom::CanvasRenderingContext2D::Save -- VERIFIED
1272131 Crash in -- RESOLVED
1280214 Unable to supersearch all crashes within a date range -- RESOLVED
1280219 Spike in WGL+ crashes in F1398665248_____________________________ P3 NEW
1280239 D3.js performance is slow on Metrics-Graphics-GFX in Firefox compared to Chrome P3 NEW
1280243 Lag with mouseover using MetricsGraphics.js with "large" data sets P3 NEW
1281917 Crash in java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: newEnd does not match text at org.mozilla.gecko.GeckoEditable.onTextChange( -- RESOLVED
1283607 Crash in (FantasticCam & Flash related?) -- RESOLVED
1283629 Startup crash in java.lang.Exception: Error loading gecko libraries at org.mozilla.gecko.mozglue.GeckoLoader.loadGeckoLibsNative(Native Method) -- RESOLVED
1286656 UX: Do Not Track setting doesn't need its own pop-over -- RESOLVED
1288491 Crash in mozalloc_abort | abort | -- RESOLVED
1292248 Startup crash in avmsnd.dll@0x3918 spiking in Aurora 49.0a2 -- RESOLVED
1292262 Crash in igdumd32.dll | nvumdshim.dll | DdDestroySurfaceLH P3 NEW
1292268 Crash in chtbrkg.dll@0x30ba1, potentially malware related -- RESOLVED
1292273 Crash in nvwgf2um.dll | BaseThreadInitThunk P1 REOPENED
1292282 Crash in nvwgf2um.dll | nvumdshim.dll | CResource<T>::CopyResource<T> P3 NEW
1292287 [DXVA] crash in igdumdim32.dll | CreateDecodeDeviceLH P3 NEW
1292311 Crash in nvwgf2um.dll | NDXGI::CDevice::DestroyDriverInstance -- RESOLVED
1293832 Crash in < CallSetWindow < FlushPendingNotifications < AnswerNPN_Evaluate < NPP_New -- RESOLVED
1296687 Expansion triangles in Gmail are misaligned -- RESOLVED
1297148 Crash in mozilla::CrossProcessMutex::CrossProcessMutex P3 NEW
1299605 Run a Telemetry experiment to vet SKIA content on Windows -- RESOLVED
1299874 Startup crash in LdrShutdownProcess spike in 50.0a2 -- NEW
1300823 BBCiPlayer (TV) HTML5 broken in Nightly 51.0a1 -- RESOLVED
1303117 Crash in igd10umd64.dll | RtlAllocateMemoryBlockLookaside | RtlAllocateHeap | igd10umd64.dll | std::list<T>::_Buynode | igd10umd64.dll | stdext::_Hash<T>::insert P3 NEW
1304828 Globe-Viewer WebGL Chrome experiment crashes Fennec without a crash reporter P3 NEW
1305101 Crash in d3d10warp.dll@0x5457a P3 NEW
1305106 crash in F1325484781_________________________________________ mainly correlated to NVIDIA Quadro FX 570 -- RESOLVED
1305147 Crash in mozilla::ipc::MessageChannel::Send | mozilla::dom::PBrowserParent::SendRealMouseButtonEvent -- RESOLVED
1305586 Deploy telemetry-experiment-server for SKIA content for Windows on Nightly experiment -- RESOLVED
1309328 Crash in js::jit::DoTypeMonitorFallback P3 NEW
1314789 Show gpu as a valid value for process_type -- RESOLVED
1316146 Crash in js::ScriptedProxyHandler::construct P3 NEW
1319206 Run a Telemetry experiment to vet GPU Process on Windows -- RESOLVED
1319963 6 month query returns Internal Server Error -- RESOLVED
1323304 Incorrect XPI hash on Windows -- RESOLVED
1323813 Crash in igd11dxva32.dll | BaseThreadInitThunk -- RESOLVED
1323821 Crash in SkImage::peekPixels -- RESOLVED
1323824 Crash in mozilla::gl::GLContext::fBindVertexArray correlated to RemixOS P3 NEW
1324562 Experiment preference changed unexpectedly at shutdown -- NEW
1325786 Deploy telemetry-experiment-server for GPU Process on Windows experiment -- RESOLVED
1329386 BBCiPlayerTV HTML5 broken (again!) in Firefox-52+ P1 VERIFIED
1331818 Disabled "Terminate" button in about:support if no GPU process is running P5 ASSIGNED
1335194 Add GPU Process button to about:support in Firefox 53 -- RESOLVED
1338694 Add a telemetry probe for GPU_PROCESS_STATUS, similar to E10S_STATUS P3 NEW
1343650 Annotate GPU Process in App Notes field -- RESOLVED
1350092 Run a Telemetry experiment to vet GPU Process on Windows prior to release in Firefox 53 -- RESOLVED
1350100 Deploy telemetry-experiment-server for GPU Process on Windows in Beta 53 experiment -- RESOLVED
1356406 Run a Telemetry experiment to vet D3D11 double-buffering P3 ASSIGNED
1359939 Run a Telemetry experiment to vet animated image caching -- RESOLVED
1361782 Deploy telemetry-experiment-server for Animated Image Discarding Nightly 55 experiment -- RESOLVED
1367246 Run a Telemetry experiment to vet the unaccelerated compositor process in Nightly 56 -- RESOLVED
1367823 Delay Telemetry experiments addon uninstalls until after "sessionstore-windows-restored" P2 RESOLVED
1381599 Deploy telemetry-experiment-server for Unaccelerated Compositor Process on Nightly 56 experiment -- RESOLVED
1392746 Crash in P3 NEW
1394903 Run a Telemetry experiment to vet the unaccelerated compositor process in Beta 56 P3 RESOLVED
1400863 [Linux] Close button on the Tracking Protection tour popup is not scaled properly P1 VERIFIED
1448065 Pocket Recommendations not available in Fennec for en-CA -- RESOLVED
1448072 Duplicate panels settings items in Fennec after changing locale P5 NEW
1455751 defaults to mobile version on Firefox Nightly 61.0a1 -- RESOLVED
1473665 Add ability to report issues with pocket stories from the Pocket web interface -- NEW

915 Total; 106 Open (11.58%); 639 Resolved (69.84%); 170 Verified (18.58%);

My Projects


  • Assist in development of DOM automated tests:
  • Document testing for Firefox 38, 39, and 40 features
  • Conduct weekly triage of critical bugs
  • Investigate recent spikes in DOM stability (doc)
    • investigate using bsmedberg's crash-stats-api-magic to help dig down -- per branch per product, per file in dom/content (may not be in frame 0), how common/trivial to fix are null pointer crashes (very small crash address), crash reason EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION_EXECUTE or exploitability high, MOZ_CRASH crashes (intentional crashes when we hit an unexpected code path - these should be high priority and should never happen - ask bsmedberg how we detect/report MOZ_CRASHES)
    • talk to bsmedberg about what our plans our for unified telemetry re: stability
    • try to popularize developers commenting in or reporting bugs when they crash, don't just submit the report
  • Investigate DOM web compatibility testing based on discussions with lmandel
  • Develop a rudimentary dashboard to showcase impact of DOM bug triage activities


  • [DROPPED] Drive a testrun against Aurora 39 focused on layerized images - dropped due to time constraints
  • [ON TRACK] Drive a testrun against Aurora 40 focused on e10s


  • Develop opportunities for volunteers to learn and participate in DOM bug triage
    • Create a project to support conversion of stale bugs into actionable regressions
  • Improve documentation of QA process as it relates to DOM testing
    • Draft MDN documentation about fuzzers
    • Draft MDN documentation about debugging tools (dev tools, gdb, asan, rr, etc)
    • Draft MDN documentation about running the DOM web platform tests
    • Draft MDN documentation about bisecting a bug
    • Draft MDN documentation about feature owernship
  • [ON TRACK] Improve contributor retention by working with peers to improve recognition
    • [DONE] Conduct a survey and publish the results (see blog)
    • Develop a strategy of lessons learned from the survey
  • Improve the engagement in testdays and make these events more impactful to all stakeholders
    • [DONE] Conduct a survey to gauge perception of testdays and publish the results - blog post
    • [ON TRACK] Develop a framework for self-organized testdays based on lessons learned - wiki
  • [ON TRACK] Improve accessibility to participating in QA
    • [DONE] Create a Mozilla QA discourse space to open up participation in discussions [1]